Easily Sell Your Merch on Gear Rascal!

There's no need to purchase additional merchandise inventory (unless you want to) and you don't have to send any merchandise to us.

Here's how the process works...

To Get Started: 

  • Submit the auto account set up form.
  • Gear Rascal™ will reach out to determine if you have additional products to list on your store (the auto set up form allows you to get started with two items).
  • You will be notified that your store is live. The notification will include a link to your store as well as a Gear Rascal™ logo file.
  • Add the Gear Rascal™ logo or a different link, if you choose, to your website homepage so customers can link directly to your Gear Rascal™ store.
  • You will receive a small stock of USPS Priority shipping boxes at your location(s).
  • Get the word out – use social media to make customers aware that your merch is available online.

When a Sale Takes Place:
  • Gear Rascal™ notifies you of the sale, including items ordered, via email.
  • Your team replies back confirming that the product(s) are in stock and ready to ship.
  • Gear Rascal send you a USPS shipping label and packing list.
  • Gear Rascal™ sends you payment for the merch via PayPal or Venmo. For our services, Gear Rascal™ asks only for a $2 discount off of your normal retail price ($1 on items less than $10).
  • Your team packages the purchased item(s) along with the packing list, attaches the shipping label and hands it off to your postal worker.

Note: All Sales are final unless the wrong product or size was delivered to the customer. If the product isn't in stock, the customer will be provided an estimated shipping date and a refund will be processed if needed.